Kong's schedule this week


Egg Tarts

蛋撻, were popularized in Hong Kong in the 1940s by “茶餐廳”. Hong Kong’s egg tarts have two main types of crusts: butter & flaky both being filled with a rich egg custard. The butter crust has strong aromatic tastes similar to a butter cookie while our flaky tart is comparable to a puff pastry having over hundreds of layers within it.

Milk Tea

奶茶, was introduced in the late 1940s. Traditionally, milk tea was developed out from pouring tea over a cloth bag several times in order to extract the most flavor and get the best aroma. Our teas are a combination of different leaves brewed freshly using the traditional method of pouring over a cloth bag.

Baked Pork Chop Rice/Spaghetti

焗豬扒飯,comes from a classic dish in Hong Kong. It consists of rice/spaghetti topped with meat and cheese then baked until all the cheese is blended within the sauce. Some believe it is a western style dish.

Street Snacks

Curry Fishballs, 咖哩魚蛋, is one of the most popular and representative street foods of Hong Kong. It is boiled together with our Curryous Sauce and served on a skewer.

Difference in Crust

Flaky Crust

hand-crafted combining oil & water together to make a crust having over 300 layers within it

Egg Custard

not too sweet and just firm enough to hold its shape and stay creamy

Butter Crust

crumbly cookie with a strong aromatic tastes similar to a butter cookie